I post a bit of everything that interests me, but it tends to revolve around Gothic Lolita. I'll post everything from tutorials and sewing projects to coords and photography, the occasional fandom post. I'm more than willing to help those new to the Lolita fashion, so if you have any questions at all, feel free to shoot me an ask.

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Sold my book purse officially (shipped it off today), and just made a small Bodyline order to take advantage of their sale going on right now (just some accessories and a pair of flat shoes for easier walking).

Hopefully my new items will get to me soon. Looking forward to it!



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I could have gone all the way to the botanical gardens for a meetup.  But I stayed home and played wow all day in bad light. Either way I was fabulous


im going to be doing lolita for the first time sometime this year. i’m fairly young (13) and i’m trying my hardest to not look ita. my mom agreed to pitch in some cash but i plan on paying for most (money isnt a problem). my question is: is it alright that i just want to wear lolita fashion to a con? i’m not all that dedicated but i really admire the fashion and think it’d be fun to try out!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing Lolita fashion to a con, or if it’s the only time you wear it. So long as the quality of the items themselves are good, and you do your research (which you’ve already stated you’re doing), then most Lolitas would have absolutely no problem with it. Most of the Lolitas I hang out IRL with generally only wear the fashion for cons or for meet ups, with the odd day here and there that they feel like wearing it.

You don’t have to be a lifestyle Lolita to enjoy the fashion. Just have fun with it!


Outfit snap from misslillith's birthday yesterday! I had such a great time! Thank you and your family so much for hosting us!

Camera kills detail in all black outfits.

This is what I wore for yesterday’s “Beauty Meeting”. I wish I had taken a coord picture before leaving the house, while I still looked fresh and not all tired and crooked, but I was quite pleased with the outfit anyway.