I post a bit of everything that interests me, but it tends to revolve around Gothic Lolita. I'll post everything from tutorials and sewing projects to coords and photography, the occasional fandom post. I'm more than willing to help those new to the Lolita fashion, so if you have any questions at all, feel free to shoot me an ask.

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For some reason I’ve been noticing I get more notes on my coord layouts than I do when I actually post me wearing the coord :/ I know I shouldn’t care but it just gets to me

Same here, Sheepie. You are not alone.


Gravity Falls season 2 premiers Friday and I am so excited. I fucking LOVE this show.

I’m watching some of the extras at the moment. I’m just as excited!

sheep-prince replied to your post “I figured out why I like the sailor jelly dress. It’s because I…”

as if I’m not jealous of your entire closet already ;w;

You know I love you haha. <3

I’m forever gonna be jelly of that jelly JSK though. This is a consolation prize. (I ended up emailing them…. I’m dumb and forgot that they accepted orders straight from them and I don’t even need an SS. Derp.)


I used this Sweet Addiction Store’s skirt for a meet-up (2013) thanks xxblakmangxx for the picture ♥

Photo shoot (2014) for Sweet Addiction Store. I’m wearing Bloody Jazz JSK