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I’m not usually the type to fawn over shoes. I save that for JSKs and things with pretty lace. But I’d love to add these to my collection!

On the left are American Duchess’s “Astoria” shoes in black. I think they’re a gorgeous, classic type shoe that would work beautifully for Gothic or classic.

On the right are a more “Classic” type—traditional brogues/Oxfords. I’ve seen plenty of offbrand ones, and I really don’t have any specific brand in mind for these—so long as they’re well-made. Though I don’t fawn over my shoes, I’m very specific about their sturdiness factor… If given the choice, I would rather pay twice as much for a pair of leather shoes I know I will either never have to replace, or only have to replace after extensive wear in destructive environments (such as walking on cobblestone in Europe…).